The Big However are:- Dayna Stevens – Clarinet and vocals. Katie Firth – Cello. Mark Cooper – Drums. Phil Wilshire – Guitar and vocals. Rois Soares – Mandolin and vocals. Ruth Cochrane – Bass and Accordion. Tristram Cox - Guitars

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First release from the Big However on Breaking Down is the “Soft Lad EP”, a taster for their debut LP  “Waiting for the Trawler to Come Home” which will (they tell us) be finished at some point during 2018.

The arrangements are delicate, various and unpredictable.  The lyrics are always about something – be it the challenges of a failing relationship, the possible implications of the disappearance of hitchhikers, trumps testicles, the life enhancing madness of the soviet space programme, Hard Brexit,  or the redemptive power of the right kind of love. 

Three tracks, "I'm Yuri Gagarin", "Soft Lad" and "The Last Hitchhiker" - you can buy on real CD format from THE SHOP.