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 The debut LP from the Five Year Plan is finally here!

                                       Only 38 years behind schedule, but well worth the wait. Find out more in the News section

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The Rev Jonny Kinkaid

Every Great Story Begins with a Snake

Every Great Story Begins with a Snake is the latest offering from our very own Jonny Kinkaid. Eight perfect new songs in a lo-fi indie-folk fashion, performed by Jonny on his trusty acoustic with a bit of help from Ruth Cochrane, ex-Blue Aeroplane and Mekon, now playing with The Big However.


Arrest! Charlie Tipper

The Big However

Jonny Kinkaid and the Imaginary

Nowhere Band

The Lovely Basement

The Short Stories


The Five Year Plan

Forest Giants




The Big However


The debut LP from The Big However was released in September 2021, titled Las Vegas Amusements. You can read more here and buy the LP here.

The Lovely Basement


The second LP from the brilliant Lovely Basement is available now - 11 new songs and a prefect compliment to their first LP, also still available. The Basement are purveyors of velvets-style pop music with great guitars and sweet vocal melodies. Not to be missed!

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