Airspace! Compilation LP - Break LP1

Released in 1988, the Airspace! compilation was put together to raise funds for the Airspace Charity and featured many popular independant bands from all over the country.  Full track listing was:

The Groove Farm - Number One (rough version)
The Five Year Plan - See You in Heaven
Golden Dawn - George Hamilton's Dead (demo)
Remember Fun - Clearly Blurred
Benny Profane - Rob a Bank
The Flatmates - Turning You Blue (Campfire mix)
Beat Hotel - Going Through It
Close Lobsters - In Spite of These Times (First Version)
The Rosehips - Crazy Kind of Normal
St Christopher - To the Mountain
Rodney Allen - Circle Line
This Poison! - The Great Divide
                                                                                 Field Mice - That's All This Is
                                                                                 Carefree Sud and Cud - Only (A Prawn in Whitby)
                                                                                 Stitch - You and Me
                                                                                 Yak - Headcount

No longer available from us but you can still find copies at places lilke Discogs..                                   
Airspace II! Compilation LP - Break LP1

Released in 1990, the Airspace II compilation followed on where its predecessor left off. Full track listing was:

The Five Year Plan & Choo Choo Train - Pumpin' for Jill
The Close Lobsters - Paper Thin Hotel
The Wedding Present - Don't Dictate
St Christopher - If I Could Capture
The Groove Farm - Just A Silly Phase I'm Going Through
The Brilliant Corners - Where Are The Supremes Tonight?
Cud - Strange Kinda Love (Live)
The Driscolls - Time For Change
The Family - Shine A Light
Mega City 4 - Honestly
Mousefolk - Where Is David Tonight?
Jesse Garon & The Desperadoes - Untitled
Benny Profane - Maureen
                                                                                 Heavenly - And The Birds Aren't Singing
                                                                                 Bob - Daymaker Part 2 (Remix)
                                                                                 The Golden Dawn - No Reason Why
                                                                                 The Darling Buds - Shame On You (Slightlydelic Mix)