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Breaking Down Recordings

Independent since 1986

CD and Vinyl Store

CD and Vinyl Store

The Bathroom Sessions - Jonny Kinkaid


Sessions recorded live in Jonny's bathroo or out on the road..

Fascinating Vampires |Goodbye Mr F | Some People Can Fly |

English Girl | Life Death and Sweet Sweet Music | The Assassination of Jonny K by the Cowardly Frenchman who remains nameless |

Hey Boy! | Boxer Song | Big Big Sleep | Paper Thin | A Long Way From Home | Broken Old Queen | Yeah That’s OK! |

You Can’t Let Go | The Man Who Never Was.


Live at Friendly Records Store

I’ll Be Your Frankenstein | Some People Can Fly

Goodbye Mr F | Fascinating Vampires


Live At Expresso Bongo

I’ll Be Your Frankenstein | The Summer of ‘17


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