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Stunning New Double LP from Arrest! Charlie Tipper

The latest LP from Arrest! Charlie Tipper was released in June 2022. Adventures in Wonderland is available on CD and download, and can be purchased from our shop now. The LP is also available on double-vinyl from our partners at Old Bad Habits. It features 19 songs, all recorded during the UK's lockdown period between March and June 2020.  It's a post-punk masterpiece, even if we do say so ourselves! 

It's here!

There have been ups and downs, broken bones, pandemics, lock downs, a spider in the bathroom that keeps eating the beloved ladybirds but they overcame it all; we are proud to release the eponymous second album from The Lovely Basement. Death, redemption, favourite places, outrage and modern bewilderment all find a voice in this shimmering collection of lovingly crafted songs.

Full track listing is:

Dock ladder step

Something is happening

Black epiphone

Back to the bar

Ferry boat captain


The world

You drift by



The love of money

The album is available on CD from Breaking Down or download from the band's Bandcamp site - go here.

24 Sept 2021

Las Vegas Amusements released today

LAS VEGAS AMUSEMENTS, the long awaited first LP from Bristol based THE BIG HOWEVER has arrived. Released on 23rd September, it is available on CD and download and can be purchased from the Breaking Down Recordings shop now. We like this very much and hope you do too. A couple of listens to LAS VEGAS AMUSEMENTS will leave dozens of pictures in your head. The last hitchhiker blowing on his hands as he walks towards the ridge at Taunton Dean Services and turns to look at the M5 for one last time. A Theremin packed into a box, as Betamax viewing domesticity replaces a joyfully messy musical life in the flat above the launderette. Space-hopper riders laughing maniacally as they instruct us to “stop waiting for the trawler to come home”. Sideways perspectives on the oddness of everyday life performed in a subtle feminine indie pop style, full of cellos, mandolins and trumpets. This is a collection of songs to listen to if you ever wondered what happened to Gregory and his girl. The joy of the Housemartins, the forward looking nostalgia of St Etienne, the lyrical wit of Billy Bragg, Robyn Hitchcock, a touch of Jonathan Richman, the Raincoats, Belle and Sebastian, Stereolab, Lambchop, Herman Dune, Scott Walker; we could go on.

The three singles are all included – I’M YURI GAGARIN, YOU’RE NOT THE ONLY FAILURE HERE and AND THE JEALOUS STARS. In total, there are 12 songs, ranging from the almost unbearably truthful relationship breakdown low-fi sadness of IT’S OK MEXICO, to the bawdy tragi-comedy of REAL SMOOTH HANDSOME MAN, where the president is “naked apart from a thong made of diamonds”. From the tuneful weariness of JUST LET ME SLEEP to the organ driven call to arms of FREEDOM OF GROOVEMENT.

We are all Yuri Gagarin here at Breaking Down. Have a listen. There is a fair chance that you could be Yuri Gagarin too..

Back for 2021!

We've taken a bit of a break over the last 12 months for obvious reasons, but Breaking Down is back and we have a host of new releases coming up in the next few months.

First up there are new LPs from The Big However and The Lovely Basement and then following swiftly on from that there will be a video release from Arrest! Charlie Tipper to accompany their "Themes from Blizzard" LP, which was released in 2019 via Raving Pop Blast! records.

Stay tuned.


The new EP from The Big However (Break 033) is available right now and features three new songs:

And the Jealous Stars


It's OK Mexico

You can buy the CD from our store or download it from their bandcamp site here.

APRIL 2020

Pandemic. Lockdown. Key Workers. All words we are quickly becoming familiar with.

Arrest! Charlie Tipper are locked down in their respective houses but have still managed to come up with an absolute corker of a song which blows the trumpet for those Key Workers. It's only available for download at the moment but you can get it here on their Bandcamp site.

You can also watch the brilliant video here.



11 tracks to charm from the Lovely Basement. Their sound ranges widely from The Velvets, through Pavement, Belle and Sebastian, The Pretenders, The Smiths and many more of your favourite artists, yet retains a unique feel and character all their own.

The album was recorded in Katie and Kevin's basement over many months, but it was worth the wait. Gideon Coe has been falling over himself to play songs on his show, and the band have earned themselves many new friends in a short space of time.

You really have to check out the album just to see how someone can get the words "ant eater" and "elephant" into the same song!

You can buy from our store here or download from the Lovely Basement themselves in their Bandcamp store.


Two new CDs for you in the month of May!

We Were Young and We were Happy and We Lived up in the Trees but Now the Good Times Are Over and We’re All Down On Our Knees’ - is the new album (Break 035) from the Rev Jonny Kinkaid, released on 8th May in CD format. Head over to Jonny's page for more info..

And if that isn't enough, Arrest! Charlie Tipper have a new EP out featuring "Freedom of Speech" (Break 034), a call to action to fight the rise of fascism and the far right. More here..


Break 030 is the first release from Charlie Tipper since their highly praised compilation album. The band are back, on top form and chomping at the bit, with a whole stack of releases lined up for the next few months. The Berlin EP features three new songs, including the A-side "Last Night in Berlin", an uptempo corker of a song with a hook that grabs you from the off and an engaging tale of unrequited romance in the German capital.

Both the other two songs are corkers two, and you can read more here

The EP is available to buy now from our shop or the band's own bandcamp site.


Break 027 is the new EP by the Lovely Basement. Gideon Coe has already given it an airing, now you can buy it from us and hear for yourself what all the fuss is about.

To read more about the band, go here

To listen to Bristol Outside My Window, go here

To buy this lovingly packaged product and hold it in your hand (or download it if you must), you'd best go here


The new 22-track CD album by Arrest! Charlie Tipper is released on 20th March 2018. The album is a trawl through five years of singles, EPs, bonus and session tracks released by the band's previous incarnations, and features four terrific cover versions of songs by The Triffids, Elliott Smith, Joy Division and the Velvet Undergound amongst the home-spun delights.

More details here

Thursday 11th January

The Big However track "I'm Yuri Gagarin" on Gideon Coe's show tonight - thanks Gid!

Update: Two more plays from the wonderful Mr Coe in January and February shows..


It's been a while since we've had any news from Breaking Down, but it turns out things have been quite busy!

December 2017 sees two new releases for the label, a welcome return from Jonny Kinkaid in the form of a sessions LP (of sorts) and a brand new EP from new Bristolians on the block The Big However.

Both releases are on CD and download, and you can read more about them here (Jonny Kinkaid) and here (The Big However).

These are releases Break 024 and Break 025 - so where is Break 023 we can hear you ask - is it an egg timer? Well no, it's actually a 22 track CD compilation by the Charlie Tipper Experiment/Conspiracy, but it won't be out now until March - so something to look forward to for sure.

In the meantime, take a listen to 'Soft Lad' by the Big However and see what you think. You can buy all the new releases from our shop here.

29th May 2017

The new EP by The Charlie Tipper Conspiracy is released on 1st June. "The Network" features four brand new songs plus a Joy Division cover version as a bonus track which is only available when you buy the CD.

The band learned "Disorder" for their gig at the Cavern Club in Liverpool which took place on the 37th Anniversary of the death of singer Ian Curtis.

They also made a video of the song using photos from the trip which you can watch below..

Buy the EP in our webstore or visit the CTC's Bandcamp site for download options


Christmas at Breaking Down means a great new single! - a joint release by post-Punk legend Helen McCookerybook and our very own Charlie Tipper Conspiracy.

Break 021 features a cover version of the Velvet Underground's Femme Fatale, a song that Helen first covered with her band Skat in 1982, plus a brand new song "Maybe Next Year", written and performed by the Tippers again with Helen on lead vocal.

All proceeds from the single will go to the charity Refugee Action.

To go with the single the two artists have come together to make a great split-screen video in which they recreate Andy Warhol's Factory.

You can see the video here and buy the single here.

Friday 28th October - The new EP by the Charlie Tipper Conspiracy is released today - here's the first track;


A Halloween Bonanza from Breaking Down! Two new releases - from Jonny Kinkaid and Charlie Tipper - are on the horizon and will be with us on 28th October 2016.

The second release from Jonny Kinkaid and the IMaginary NoWhere Band is a four track EP featuring two brand new songs, a cover version and a remix of a song from the debut album by the artist formerly known as Jon K.

At the same time The Charlie Tipper Conspiracy will release the second in their series of three EPs,

featuring four brand new songs (including a second peak at their forthcoming "Themes from Blizzard"



The releases are coming thick and fast here at Breaking Down - latest off the presses is the new 4-track EP by the Charlie Tipper Conspiracy known as the "Clock on the Wall" EP.

Recorded only a few weeks ago, the EP is released to coincide with the band's appearance at this year's Indietracks festival.

Head over to the band's page for more details, or just go straight to our CD sales page as you already know it'll be good!

Below you can also get a sneaky listen to the fourth track on the EP "If He's Alive I'll Find Him" - a song which has been written for the band's forthcoming soundtrack album "Themes from Blizzard"..

The Charlie Tipper Conspiracy (Clock on the Wall EP)

00:00 / 02:33


Released today: the new album by jon.k is an absolute cracker, full of great tunes, noisy guitars - just what you'd expect from a founder member of two other great bands, the Groove Farm and the Beatnik Filmstars.

You can buy the physical CD from our shop or visit Jon's Bandcamp page to buy the CD or download in a variety of formats.

Read more about the new album on our jon.k artist page.

Below you can listen immediately to one of our personal favourites here at Breaking Towers - "Secrets"

00:00 / 03:27


Released today: the new album by jon.k is an absolute cracker, full of great tunes, noisy guitars - just what you'd expect from a founder member of two other great bands, the Groove Farm and the Beatnik Filmstars.

You can buy the physical CD from our shop or visit Jon's Bandcamp page to buy the CD or download in a variety of formats.

Read more about the new album on our jon.k artist page.

Below you can listen immediately to one of our personal favourites here at Breaking Towers - "Secrets"


Released today!

The new 10" album by the Charlie Tipper Conspiracy is released today - formats are 10" vinyl, CD and download.

The new album can be purchased here, or if you want a sneak peak first, you can visit the band’s own Bandcamp site and, for a limited time, download three added bonus tracks, including a version of The Triffids’ classic “Wide Open Road”.

While you’re there, why not pick up one of their new T-Shirts as well?

For more information on the album, go to the Charlie Tipper page here and find out what the new songs are about.

You can watch a video for the song “Freak’s Retreat” here too.


Pleased to announce that The Charlie Tipper Conspiracy have been invited to play at the 10th Anniversary Indietracks festival in Butterley, Derbyshire. The festival takes place 29-31st July 2016 and you can find more details here.

The band will have released their new 10" LP by then - if you're going, you should definitely make sure you get along to see them and their terrific live show.

This and other gigs for the band in 2016 are detailed here.


Released today - the third single from the Charlie Tipper Experiment.

"Rock and Roll Dreaming" is taken from the album "Mellow On" and is accompanied by a brand new video directed by our comrade with the cornet Harry 'Iceman' Furniss.

The single is available as a limited edition CD-EP with two other previously unreleased versions of the title track and a new song, the Billy Liar-inspired "Count Five and Tell the Truth", which has previously only been available to watch on video via YouTube.

You can watch Harry's video right below:


Unavailable in physical format for some years now, we're pleased to announce that a limit number of copies of the 4th Forest Giants album, "Things We Do When We're Bored" have now become available and can be purchased from our shop.

Very limited availability, when they're gone they're gone!


Released today, the new single by the Charlie Tipper Experiment could tip the balance in the forthcoming election. You can listen to it below and make your own mind up, then buy it from our BUY MUSIC page.

On the left is a picture of the back cover which features a Jon Kent original!


00:00 / 05:05



Wow - they've gone and caught us all on the hop.

Hard on the heels of releasing their debut LP "Mellow On", The Charlie Tipper Experiment have only gone and recorded an Election single to coincide with the UK General Election on May 7th.

The single, which got it's first run out last Saturday at Cafe Kino in Bristol, is entitled "You Made Me Homeless" and is a terrific slice of modern-day British pop music. But don't think Blur and Oasis, think more McCarthy and Billy Bragg..

Written and recorded in just two weeks, the single is backed with a cover version of the Elliot Smith song "Speed Trials" and will be released on Monday 20th April via the band's Bandcamp site and through all major download outlets.

Stay tuned!


Released tomorrow! The new album by the Charlie Tipper Experiment is finally here. Visit our

CD and Vinyl store to order your copy before 31st March and receive 3 previously unreleased bonus tracks: Wasting Time, One Summer and You Won't Be Going Home Tonight (Austerity Mix).

If you buy CD or vinyl from us we'll e-mail the bonus tracks to you. If you buy the album on vinyl through us you'll also get a free CD version, as well as a lyric sheet. (For digital lovers the lyrics will be posted up here shortly).

Alternatively you can visit the band's Bandcamp page and download the songs instantly when you purchase the album on CD or Vinyl. You can also listen to the songs before you purchase.

The band have a few gigs coming up so visit their page here for more info on what they're up to.


Finally ready for release, the new album by The Charlie Tipper Experiment is out on 3rd March 2015.

Available on vinyl, CD or download, the album is called "Mellow On" and features ten brand new songs, plus another three bonus tracks if you buy it within the first month.

The band now has their own page here where you can find further information on what they are up to over the next few months as they get out and about. There are some pics too.

And if you can't wait until March, two tracks from the new album can be heard on our music page right now.

Full track listing: Something Worth Fighting For, The Boys From Frampton Cotterell, You Won't Be Going Home Tonight, I'll Take You With Me, Shine Like A Star, Wherever You Go I Go, Hypnotised, Help You, Come on Down (The Sirens' Call), Rock and Roll Dreaming.

A video for the opening track is currently being edited - we'll post it up as soon as it's ready...

Monday 6th October 2014 - the full track-listing for Break 011 can now be viewed on the Forest Giants page here.

Monday 29th September 2014

Next release from Breaking Down is a double album from the Forest Giants. Sessions and Singles (Break 011) is a compilation of the band's radio sessions between 2004-2007, as well as tracks that have had no or limited availability before, including vinyl-only tracks, unreleased singles and songs previously released on compilations.

There will be a very limited edition double CD which will be available for pre-order from 15th October, with the album release date set for 30th October 2014.

Full track listing to follow..


The Breaking Down summer sale is now on.

"Peacetime Broadcast" CD by the Five Year Plan, now only £5.

"Send My Love to Everyone" CD by the Short Stories now only £3.

All our other albums are now reduced to £2.00 and all remaining singles are 0.99p.

Sadly we can't reduce postage but these prices are all rock bottom and terrific value -

so go on, fill your boots!

Friday 9th May

Out now - the debut single by the Charlie Tipper Experiment is now available to download from iTunes and other retailers, or you can get an exclusive limited-edition CD-R direct from us for nothing more than the cost of the postage.

You can watch the video for the single on our very own YouTube channel here and if you want to get hold of a physical CD-single, you can do that here.

Ride Out is an exclusive track which won't feature on the band's debut album, which they have been busy recording for release in the autumn. Another single, entitled "Rock and Roll Dreaming", is scheduled for September release. We've heard the first proper mixes and it sounds terrific, so stay posted!

Thursday 17th April 2014

We now have our own You Tube site where you can view view videos by our bands - go here to visit and you can check out an exclusive look at the new single by The Charlie Tipper Experiment!

Saturday 15th March 2014

Wow! It's been a crazy few weeks here at Breaking Towers. Following our last announcement (below), the Five Year Plan ran a small promotion on their Facebook/Bandcamp page to pre-sell the CD, and managed to get rid of them all before the official release date!

This caused a lot of running around trying to figure out what to do next, but we are now pleased to announce that a second edition of the CD has arrived and is available from this site, as well as from the band themselves. There is also a bonus album available from their Bandcamp site featuring all 9 of the live tracks from their 1985 gig at the Thekla in support of the Housemartins.(see pic).

In other news, The Charlie Tipper Experiment's one sided CD-R single has been delayed slightly due to the panic and should now be available in April. The band have been in the studio recording their debut LP, and from the rough stuff we've heard coming straight off the mixing desk it already sounds great so we're looking forward to that.

Happy Listening!.

Thursday 2nd January 2014

The next release from Breaking Down is the 23-track compilation album "Peacetime Broadcast" by the Five Year Plan. Officially released on the 14th February 2014, the CD features all the band's vinyl releases, plus a huge array of unreleased recordings, including the "lost" third single and demo recordings from sessions at E-plus studio recorded in between the vinyl releases. In total, 21 original songs, plus a demo take on the band's most popular release "Hit the Bottle" and the colloboration with Subway recording artists Choo Choo Train, who featured Ric Menck and Paul Chastain (Velvet Crush, Matthew Sweet).

Although the release date is a while away, the CD has been set up on pre-order through the Five Year Plan Bandcamp page, which means you can order it right now for immediate despatch! In addition, you'll get an immediate download of the entire 9-tracks of live material from the 1985 gig that the band played in support to the Housemartins at the Thekla in Bristol.

After the release date, the additional live tracks will only be available for purchase as a separate download, so why not head over there now and pick yourself up an early New Year present?

Additional details of the release can be found on the band's page here.

Friday 20th December

Another year nearly over, and a great year for Breaking Down! We started with the release of The Short Stories single "Angry Young Man", which garnered loads of good reaction and some Radio Two airplay, and we ended with Tim's 50th Birthday Party at which The Five Year Plan made their long awaited comeback as part of a true festival of brilliant music (see poster to left).

Next year promises to bring more of the same, with the forthcoming release of a 23-track Five Year Plan compilation CD, the first time any of these songs have been available on anything other than the original vinyl or cassette tape!

On top of that we're ready to go with the release of the first single from The Charlie Tipper Experiment, the excellent "Ride Out". The band will be recording their debut LP in the spring time.


In the meantime, here's the Five Year Plan playing Brand New Car and See You in Heaven live at

the Thunderbolt in Bristol

Thanks everyone - have a Happy Christmas and New Year!

Friday 27th September

Its the 15th anniversary of the online music magazine Pennyblack Music, and we're very proud that the team have included an interview with the Short Stories in this very special edition. You can read the full article here.

Monday 18th August 2013 - The new single by the Short Stories is released today. You can buy it from our webstore or download it from the band's Bandcamp site. See previous story for more details..

Monday 5th August 2013

The next few releases from Breaking Down are now finalised and on the way!

First up is the new single from The Short Stories.

"Are You Listening Now?" is a re-mixed version of a song that appears on the band's 4th LP "Send My Love to Everyone", and will be available on Monday 19th August. The single will be available as a download or as a limited edition CD-R from our Webstore or from the band's Bandcamp site.

The video which accompanies the single shows the band working away (or mainly not working away) in the studio during the recording of the Toybox Studio version of the song, which will also be available on the CD-R release.

You can watch the video now on the band's YouTube site.

"Are You Listening Now?" will be followed by releases from our oldest and newest signings, The Five Year Plan and

The Charlie Tipper Experiment - full details to follow!

Full list of forthcoming releases:

Break CD 008 - The Short Stories "Are You Listening Now?" CD single

Break CD 009 - The Charlie Tipper Experiment "Ride Out" CD single

Break CD 010 - The Five Year Plan "Peacetime Broadcast" CD Compilation LP

Friday 31st May 2013

On this day in 2013... the new Short Stories album is released today! You can grab your copy right here from our shop, or visit the Download tab to find out where you can download it from if that's your bag.

The album features 8 new songs, plus two versions of Angry Young Man, the single version and a 10 minute long deluxe version to round off the album nicely.

You can keep up to date with news on the album's Facebook page.

Saturday 18th May 2013

The launch party for the new Short Stories LP went off nicely last night, and you can view lots of pics up on our new Facebook page created to celebrate the release of the album on Friday 31st May.

The album will be available on a limited run CD from our shop as well as by download through all the usual outlets and the band's Bandcamp page.

In the meantime you can view a video for another song on the album, Falling Star, right here on YouTube

Thursday 2nd May 2013- Released today!

The new Short Stories single is out now, on limited edition CD-R or download. "Angry Young Man" is backed by three new songs, "Rain Falling", "The Duck Song" and "Bored in the Darkness" (taken from the 2011 Dandelion Radio Session.

You can buy the CD-R here or visit the band's Bandcamp page to download all four songs immediately.

And you can watch the video for the single here.

The single is just a taster for the band's amazing new LP "Send My Love to Everyone" which is due to be released on 31st May right here on Breaking Down. Enjoy!

18th April 2013

The official release date for the new Short Stories single "Angry Young Man" has been put back a week to the 2nd May, which by a happy co-incidence is the night the boys and girls play with the legendary Blue Orchids in Bristol.

The single will be available in a short run of CD-Rs featuring 3 other new songs - "Rain Falling", "The Duck Song" and, from the Dandelion Radio session, "Bored in the Darkness".

If you want to come along for a measly £4 you'll need to contact the band via their Facebook page and get yourself on their cheap-list. Only condition is that you must turn up before the band play!

5th April 2013

We wouldn't normally go trumpetting other Record Labels, but on this occasion we're happy to make an exception. The 2nd in the "Recorded at Rocker's" series on the Local Underground label features the Dandelion Radio session recorded by our very own Short Stories and broadcast in January 2012. The session features very different versions of two songs that will soon appear on the new Short Stories LP, together with a third track "Bored in the Darkness" which doesn't feature on the LP. All three songs were recorded by the current line-up in one Sunday afternoon session, so its raw but nice!

You can download the session here and read about its recording on the Short Stories blog.

1st April 2013

The new Short Stories single "Angry Young Man" will be released on 23rd April 2013. The single features the cornet-playing skills of Harry Furniss and is definitely the band's most "pop" moment to date. The single will be backed by "Rain Falling" and two other new songs and issued on download via all the usual outlets, as well as a limited edition CD-R through us right here at Breaking Down.. You can listen to it here along with a song from the forthcoming LP "Send My Love to Everyone", or watch it on YouTube now and see what all the fuss is about..

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