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Breaking Down Recording Artists

Arrest! Charlie Tipper feature some notable ex-members of Bristol bands past - the Groove Farm, Rorschach, the Five Year Plan, the Beatnik Filmstars to name a few. The band released three singles and their debut album "Mellow On" on Breaking Down under the name the Charlie Tipper Experiment before changing their name in November 2015 to the CTC. "Mellow On" was the first vinyl release for the label since the Airspace compilations.

As the CTC they released a 10" vinyl album and a series of EPs before morphing seamlessly into Arrest! Charlie Tipper at the end of 2017, in preparation for the release of their first film soundtrack album in 2018, "Themes from Blizzard".

Jonny Kinkaid and the Imaginary NoWhere Band

"Who the hell are you?" cried the Big Sky as he looked down on me. "Who the hell do you think you are?" demanded the Big Sky!

I tried to answer. It wasn't too clear so I checked on the internet…..Jonny Kinkaid, aka jon.k aka jon kent, Jonny Nashville, Picturehead. Founder member of the Groove Farm and Beatnik Filmstars. played in Kyoko, Block and Airbomb Repeater.

Now playing electric guitar in Arrest! Charlie Tipper as well as working prolifically on his own solo material.

The Big However, formed in 2017 by Phil Wilshire and a whole canon of great musicians, play terrific empathetic pop songs. They released their first EP on Breaking Down in December 2017.

Formed in 1985, The Five Year Plan released two singles and featured on two Airspace compilations before disbanding in 1989. Founder members Rob Pursey and Tim Rippington also played in Talulah Gosh and the Flatmates during this time. Click the link above for a full discog and band history.

Forest Giants formed in 2003 by Tim Rippington, Jo-Jo Head and ex-Blue Aeroplane Ruth Cochrane. Later recordings featured Tom Adams from the Beatnik Filmstars on drums and Paula Knight of Moneyspider and Girlboygirl on keyboards and violin. To date they have released 3 albums, a mini-album and a 7" single on various different labels, including Breaking Down. Follow the link for a full discog and band history.

The Short Stories (2007-) - originally a two piece consisiting of Stephen Miles and Tim Rippington, the band have eventually blossomed into a 5-piece featuring Geoff Gorton, Kay Farnell and Simon Harrison. The band have been extremely prolific, releasing three albums between 2007-2009. 2013 sees the release of their fourth album and their first for Breaking Down.

The Lovely Basement - a four piece band from all over the place but now resident in Bristol. They are indeed lovely.

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