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Arrest! Charlie Tipper 2017 - 2021 and beyond


The Charlie Tipper Conspiracy 2015 - 2017

The Charlie Tipper Experiment 2013-2015




We don't know how you count Charlie Tipper LPs. Is this the fifth? Or is it the 2nd? Or somewhere in between?

All we know is that Red is released jointly with Old Bad Habits, a Greek label specialising in independent vinyl releases, and it is a belter! 11 tracks, including the singles "The 93%" and "Freedom of Speech" (re-mixed here to be slightly more synth-tastic!). Other live favourites such as Annik (about Ian Curtis' "girlfriend" Annik Honore) and Poets are also included.



“Great song, great recording, great sentiment”

1st single of 2019 for Arrest! Charlie Tipper is an out an out political statement in support of the band’s commitment to the Pop! Not Hate campaign, which aims to raise much needed funds to help in the fight against the rise of the far-right in the UK.

FREEDOM OF SPEECH is a speedy romp with a very simple message – maybe a bit like Stereolab with the lyrics of McCarthy. It sits beautifully in a long tradition of pop music as protest, as a call to action.

“Freedom of Speech doesn’t mean freedom to spread hatred”

FREEDOM OF SPEECH PT II– the single is only a couple of minutes long, so why not play it again without the vocals and with a lot more of the Moog synths – someone should nick this for a TV show..

JUDGEMENT DAY – terrific cover version of a song by Pauline Murray from her “Invisible Girls” period.

A MILLION WORDS – Written in the immediate aftermath of the Grenfell Tower disaster, a time when no words were enough.


Very excited to announce that Arrest! Charlie Tipper will be heading out on tour throughout April/May/June and July.

Many of these gigs are part of the Pop! Not Hate campaign to raise funds for organizations who campaign and fight against the rise of the far-right in this country.

The Tippers will have a new single "Freedom of Speech" released to coincide with the tour.


The first new material from Arrest! Charlie Tipper in 2018 is a three track EP, featuring two brand new songs and an outtake from the forthcoming soundtrack album “Themes from Blizzard” (due out January 2019)

LAST NIGHT IN BERLIN is a true story of unfulfilled romance in Germany’s capital city, with our protagonist drunkenly scouring the city at five in the morning in search of someone who has long-since disappeared on the last train out of town.

I WON’T FIGHT YOUR BATTLES – a return to political themes, originally inspired by the Big Society ideas of David Cameron and the false premise that “we’re all in this together”. We are, of course, but some of us appear to be far more “in it” than others.

23-11 – One of the original demos which inspired the band to write their soundtrack to the film “Blizzard”. The soundtrack is recorded, the script is written – now someone just needs to make the film!      


The Astonishing Rise of Charlie Tipper is a compilation released under the band’s third incarnation as Arrest! Charlie Tipper, covering their career to date for the label – all tracks are taken from singles, EPs, bonus tracks and sessions - 22 songs which highlight the band’s intensely prolific nature and the variety of their output, and which stand as a companion to the first two albums, “Mellow On” (from 2015) and “Ten” (from 2016), both of which are also available from Breaking Down Recordings.

Full track listing:

Disc One: Ride Out - Drowning - Let That Feeling Go - Cross Country - You Made Me Homeless - Last Train to Stardom - Super Tuesday - Home on the Range - Femme Fatale - Disorder

Disc Two: - No Going Back - Rock and Roll Dreaming for Girls - Long Way Down - You Won't Be Going Home Tonight (Austerity Mix) - There But for the Grace of God Go I - Halloween - Wide Open Road - The Way I'm Wired - Count Five and Tell The Truth - Wasting Time - Speed Trials - One Summer

The band continue to work on their debut soundtrack "Themes From Blizzard", which will include original soundtrack music from the band together with a full film script!

They are also writing and recording the follow up to 2016's "Ten" - provisionally entitled "Red", which sees the band moving off in a slightly harded direction than their previous output.

Here's what Bristol Live magazine has to say about the new album:

Following a transformation that those lucky enough to witness have deemed inspirational, the newly named Bristol outfit "Arrest! Charlie Tipper" treat listeners to a brand new compilation album this month. Leaving behind their previous ventures, the record showcases the last four years of the band's career over 22 impressive tracks that effortlessly rival the indie-folk style of the Decemberists. The real masterpiece here is the band's haunting cover of the Velvet's Femme Fatale with Helen McCookerybook (originally released as a Christmas charity single), whilst other highlights on the album include early Tipper Experiment favourites "Ride Out" and "You Made Me Homeless" and later Conspiracy releases like Cross Country. Kelly Ronaldson


The Charlie Tipper Conspiracy played their last gig in November with Helen McCookerybook, and Arrest! Charlie Tipper played their first gig at the third Rock and Roll for the Soul in Bristol at the beginning of December. Those that witnessed the transformation said it was nothing short of inspirational.

The band have a new compilation album "The Astonishing Rise of Charlie Tipper" coming out in March 2018, documenting the last four years of work over 22 tracks, and are currently in the studio working on their first soundtrack album "Themes from Blizzard", due out towards the end of 2018.


The Charlie Tipper Conspiracy joined a great line up of bands to play at the Wedding Present's annual At The Edge of the Sea festival on August 19th. The band were in top form and a great time was had by all - fantastic audience!

JUNE 2017

The Network EP is the third and last installment in our Trilogy for 2016-17.

4 new songs and a special cover version. Here's some info:

Cross Country is a keyboard and bass-driven song in the vein of Stereolab, recalling the delights of singer Tim’s youth when he traveled the length and breadth of the country by train, seeking out new places and new adventures. It features a Fall-esque outro which we maybe could have pushed a bit longer!

Long Way Down: Geoff's second song for the band - all about beating up immigrants, policing your own people like they're an enemy in a warzone and drone bombing. Fun stuff!

Last Train to Stardom - a not-autobiographical tale of a younger brother, left behind when his elder sibling leaves home to seek fame and fortune in London. The brother spends his time wandering the streets to keep out of the way of his abusive father, or poring over his elder brother’s record collection, until he decides it’s time to move on.

Each of the three EPs in this series have featured an instrumental track destined for the band’s forthcoming soundtrack album “Themes from Blizzard”- this EP’s contribution is the haunting Angel in the Snow featuring Linda on lead vocal.

"Disorder" is the Joy Division cover version which we learned specifically to play on the 37th anniversary of Ian Curtis' death. We decided to record it as well during the Network sessions and think it has come out well so we've included it on the CD..


Christmas singles are generally frowned upon in the Indie/Alternative world, and with good reason. However, this year we really wanted to do something to help support the refugee crisis going on across Europe, so we decided to record a single with our new friend Helen McCookerybook and donate all the proceeds to Refugee Action.

We chose the Velvets song Femme Fatale, which Helen had first recorded back in 1982 with her band Skat - it's been over 30 years so we thought it was safe to give it another go.

The song was recorded quickly with Helen doing the vocals in her kitchen, and at the same time we recorded an original song Maybe Next Year to go on the b-side.

After this we met up in the basement of a vegetarian cafe to have a go at re-creating Andy Warhol's Factory - you can read about that on Helen's blog here.


The second of our 3-part is released in October. The "Shutters Down" EP has four new songs and a re-mix of the main track - remember when people did that?

The songs are "Drowning", "No Going Back", "There But For the Grace of God Go I" and "Black Dog". The latter track is again a demo version of a song which will appear on the "Themes From Blizzard" LP in 2017/8.

Press release for the EP can be found here.


A new EP from the CTC, released on 31st July 2016 to coincide with the band's festival appearance at Indietracks.

Four brand new songs, "Let That Feeling Go", "Super Tuesday", "Halloween" and "If He's Alive I'll Find Him", all absolute belters!

This is the first in a series of EPs the band will be releasing over the next few months before they head into the studio to record their soundtrack album "Themes from Blizzard" - a taster track is included here. Press release for the EP can be found here, including a short

explanation on each of the songs.


The second album from the mysterious Charlie Tipper, this time released under the name The Charlie Tipper Conspiracy.

Seven varied and original pop songs to grab you and shake you and make you realise that great original pop music is still out there.

What’s it about, you ask? To help out with that here’s a quick Song by Song Guide to the new album:

THEY MADE IT A CRIME: In many countries around the world, being gay is still a crime. It’s not so long ago that the same was true in Britain. Imagine what it’s like to be told that being in love with someone makes you a criminal?

LIFE’S TOO SHORT: This one speaks for itself – you can commit yourself to a life of climbing up the greasy pole, or you can spend your time in better and more productive pursuits. It won’t necessarily be an easy life, but we know which one we prefer.

ELECTION DISCO BLUES: A cautionary tale about the perils of attending an election-night party. The public gets what the public wants.

LUNAR GARDEN PARTY: Making a living out of playing music has never been easy, but these days it’s nigh on impossible. Most bands have jobs of one kind or another, and the best thing you can do when you’re working is dream about being somewhere else.

FREAKS’ RETREAT: A gathering places for those who have no real understanding of life outside their own little bubble. We won’t say where it is, but there’s a big clock.

ROSE OF VIRTUE: A walk around the streets on a warm summer night brings back memories.

LONG TIME GONE: Sometimes you have to choose between being responsible and following your dreams. What happens if you choose the latter rather than the former?

For a limited time if you buy the album directly from our Bandcamp site you will also receive three additional bonus tracks on download:

Disco (Sucks), The Way I'm Wired and a cover version of the classic Triffids song "Wide Open Road".













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April 2017

- "Ride Out" - CD and download single

- "Mellow On" - Vinyl, CD and download album

 - "You Made Me Homeless" - CD single and download

 - "Rock and Roll Dreaming" - CD EP and download

 - "Ten" - 10" vinyl/CD mini-album

 - "Clock on the Wall " CD EP and download

 - "Shutters Down" CD EP and download

 - "The Astonishing Rise of Charlie Tipper"CD and download album


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- Dandelion Radio session as the CTE for the Rocker show

- Dandelion Radio session as the CTC for the Rocker show

- Dandelion Radio session at ACT for the Rocker show


Thursday, 29 August 2013 

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Saturday 7th December 2013 


- Thunderbolt, Bristol as part of Thunderfest 2013

- Mother's Ruin, Bristol with the Haywains, Candy Darlings

- The Wunderbar, Midsomer Norton

Thursday 25 June 2014 

Friday 12th September 2014

Thursday 4th December 2014


- The Sportsman Bar, Bristol with Repo Man, Harry Iceman Furniss and the Happy Crayons

- "Fanzine", The Exchange, Bristol with Go-Kart Mozart, 12 Hour

Foundation, Six Years

- Cafe Kino, Bristol with Our Arthur and 12 Hour Foundation

Friday 20th February 2015

Saturday 14th March 2015 

Saturday 4th April 2015

Friday 17th April 2015

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Friday 12th June

Saturday 7th November 2015

Friday/Saturday/Sunday 20/21/22 November


- Bristol Stag and Hounds

- London, Sebright Arms (with English Electric)

- Bristol, Cafe Kino (with The Catenary Wires and Karen)

- Nottingham Chameleon (with Martha and Milky Wimpshake)

- Midsomer Norton Wunderbar (with the Haywains)

- The Thunderbolt, Bristol with the June Brides

- Royal Oak, Bath

- Roll for the Soul, Bristol

Friday 27th January

Monday 13th February

Saturday 4th March

Friday 13th May


Friday 16th June

Saturday 19th August

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Thursday 12th October

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Friday 8th December


- The Old England, Bristol (with the Wolfhounds)

- Mr Wolf's, Bristol

- Park Royal, Leeds (with Boy Racer and City Yelps)

- London Jamboree (Des Was A Bowie Fan) Thursday 18th May - International Pop Overthrow Music Festival, Cavern Club, Liverpool

- The Greenbank, Bristol with The Lovely Basement

- At the Edge of the Sea Festival, Brighton with The Wedding Present & others

- The Old England, Bristol with Blue Orchids

- The Thunderbolt, Bristol with Vic Godard & Subway Sect

- The Thunderbolt, Bristol with Helen McCookeryboook and Karen

- Rock and Roll for the Soul III, Bristol with 3 others

Saturday 17th March

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Thursday 26th April 2019

Friday 10th May

Saturday 11th May

Sunday 12th May

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Friday 31st May

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- Album Launch - Cafe Kino, Bristol with Vinegar

- The Star and Dove, Bristol with The Big However

- The Thunderbolt, Bristol with the Total Rejection and Jonny Kinkaid


The Thunderbolt, Bristol

The Royal Oak, Bath

Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds

81 Renshaw, Liverpool - CANCELLED

London, Lexington

Southampton, the Alex

 London, The Victoria

 The Thunderbolt, Bristol

 Le Pub, Newport


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