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THE SHORT STORIES have finally grown up.

SEND MY LOVE TO EVERYONE is a coming of age story, the story of a band maturing from a two-piece practicing Velvet Underground pastiches in the garage to a fully fledged pop group full of magical tunes lovingly crafted and delivered by a variety of players playing a variety of instruments.

Not that those Velvet Underground pastiches were bad, but they were just play. This is where things get serious, this is the real thing.

Of their last LP, 2010's "Small Mercies", singer Tim said “This was never intended to be an album, it was just a collection of songs built up whilst we plied our trade as a two piece, searching for others to join the cause".

In 2011 they found those others and by contrast this is very deliberately an album that was born and has been growing up over the last two years. Original demos featured the band's growling guitars to the fore, but over time the electric rhythms have largely been replaced by acoustic ones, and the melodies have been provided by piano, harmonica, cornet and strings.

Imagine Belle and Sebastian meeting Joy Division in a dark alleyway, but instead of knocking seven bells out of each other they decide to go for a curry and work out their musical differences.

Lyrically, the album is a journey through love and loss -it's about growing older, it's about losing track of friends and it's about losing your family. Oh, and it's also happily about falling in love all over again.

This album is a labour of love and the Short Stories are sending that love to everyone - we really think you'll appreciate it.

Send My Love to Everyone will be available to download from iTunes, Amazon and all good e-stores from 31st May 2013.

The album will be available on CD from or from the band’s Bandcamp site




Tel: 07906 922840

What people said about previous Short Stories albums:

“Excellent lyrics - lovely voice. And I love the guitar playing - there's a feeling of genuine exploration there rather than the mere regurgitation of 'licks'.” – Stephen Fellows (Comsat Angels)

“One of the best albums I've heard this year… It really is bloody great!” – Vic Godard (The Subway Sect)

“The Short Stories ply a highly evocative garage psychedelia suffused with an endearing British charm. 'Tears Before Bedtime' is almost nine minutes of meandering perfection.” – Venue Magazine.

“A lo-fi classic… reminded me of a good VU bootleg or a stripped down Dandy Warhols… The guitars are just transcendental.” – Martin Bramah (Blue Orchids).

“This band have just the right amount of melody, sneer and swagger..” – Mike Pearlstein, The Big Takeover


Short Stories were formed in 2008 as a DIY project to keep Tim and Steve busy after the demise of Tim’s previous band Forest Giants (Cherryade label recording artists). Working out of Tim’s front room and a dodgy car repair shop, a trilogy of albums were recorded between 2008-2010 - Short Stories for Long Nights, The Night is on Fire and Small Mercies. All three were released through the Bristol label the International Lo-Fi Undeground.

Despite not having a proper band, the Short Stories managed to play a few gigs during this time (notably at Bristol’s Big Pink Cake club and twice with Vic Godard, who is a big fan) by sharing the drum duties and borrowing a few musicians as the need arose.

With their ambition limited by their size (no pun intended!), the boys recruited Geoff, Kay and Simon late in 2010, making the Short Stories a "proper" band at last.

Demos for the latest album were recorded over the summer 2011 and recording began in April 2012. Tim, who has previously recorded albums for the likes of the Beatnik Filmstars and Boyracer, took the helm for the recording. The new songs show a more poppy, upbeat direction and the new single "Angry Young Man", released on 2nd May 2013, is as a perfect taster for the new album.

Line Up:

Tim Rippington – guitarist and vocalist who has played with the Flatmates, the Five Year Plan, Beatnik Filmstars and Forest Giants over the years..

Stephen D Miles – guitarist, vocalist and one time drummer for Modesty Blaise

Geoff Gorton – bass player and former Harpoon and Rorschach member

Simon Harrison – able drummer for many local Bristol bands over the years

Kay Farnell – Primary school teacher turned keyboard play

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