New album - Sessions and Singles

Here's the full track-listing for the new Forest Giants double album, out on 30th October. The album will be available to pre-order in mid-October, with the now-defunct band's intended final single Are You Alright b/w Footsteps available as an immediate download to those who pre-order. The number of CD-Rs pressed will be determined by the pre-order, so this is a one-off chance to own this collection on a double pack CD.  After that the album will be available only for download.

Disc 1

Turn Down, Filmstar, F.W.L, Stars (BBC Bristol Uncovered radio session), Postcards (acoustic), The Message (acoustic) (BBC 6 Music radio session)
Beards, Do You Know What I've Been Through, Oh No (Cielo Liquido radio session), Billy, Leave, Let You Know, Do You Have the Energy, Planes (Dandelion Radio session)

Disc 2

Against Nature, Wake Up, Closure, Rain, Turn Down, Star Ruby, Postcards (7"), Genius, Mr Doorman, Beards (7"), World Goes Round, So You Think You're Unhappy (single version), Gone Away, At the Dog Track, Birds, Punk Rock Attitude, Are You Alright?, Footsteps.

The Message
Forest Giants (Welcome To The Mid-West)
The Message - from the album Welcome to the Mid-West
Forest Giants were formed in Bristol, England by Tim Rippington (Guitar, Vocals), Jo Head (Drums) and Ruth Cochrane (Bass) in 2001. In 2003 Jo left to be  replaced by former Beatnik Filmstars drummer Tom Adams, and they were joined by Paula Knight who performed vocals, violin and keyboards. Between 2003 and 2007 the band released four CDs on various labels, as well as recording four sessions for the BBC and other radio programmes and performing intermittent live gigs. The CDs were all extremely well received by the fringe music press, but by 2007 the band had lost the collective will to live, and decided that their fourth CD would be their last.
2014 will see the release of a new "Sessions and Singles" album collecting together many off-cuts and alternative versions.


Birds - Originally released on the "Honey, The Dog's Home" Compilation CD. To be included on the forthcoming "Sessions and Singles" album.

Postcards Session
Forest Giants (Sessions and singles)
Postcards - 6 Music live session for Gideon Coe - taken from the forthcoming "Sessions and Singles" album.
Beards - session version for Cielo Liquido, a programme on Spanish radio - taken from the forthcoming "Sessions and Singles" album.
So You Think You're Unhappy  - Unreleased Cherryade Single version, taken from the forthcoming "Sessions and Singles" album.

Forest Giants Discography

Against Nature                                                  -            Mobstar 011                BUY!
Track on the "Eleven"  Compilation CD                             Released 1992

Star Ruby                                                         -            Mobstar 023                BUY!
Track on the "Hopping on the West Coast" CD                 Released 2000

See You in Heaven (live)                                    -            Mobstar 019                 BUY!
Track on the "Mobstar Pop Frenzy Weekend" CD             Released 2001

Closure                                                            -            Mobstar 028                 BUY!
5-track CD single                                                           Released 2001

Postcards                                                        -            IHS15 (Invisible Hands Music)
7" single                                                                       Released 2003

                                                                                 In Sequence                                                     -            IHCD34   (Invisible Hands Music)
                                                                                 9-track CD                                                                    Released 2004             BUY!

                                                                                 UFO Stories                                                    -            BreakCD005                 BUY!
                                                                                 7-track CD                                                                    Released 2005    

                                                                                 Planes Fly Overhead                                       -             CHY003 (Cherryade Records)
                                                                                 3-track CD single                                                          Released 6 March 2006

                                                                                 Welcome to the Mid-West                                -            CHY004 (Cherryade Records)  BUY!
                                                                                 11-track CD                                                                  Released 8 May 2006

                                                                                 Birds                                                              -            WOOF2 (International Lo-Fi Underground)
                                                                                 Track on the "Honey, the Dog's Home" CD                     Released 2007

                                                                                 Things We Do When We're Bored                    -             WOOF3   (International lo-fi Underground
                                                                                 10-track CD + bonus CD                                               Released May 20007     BUY!

                                                                                 Sessions and Singles                                                   BREAK 011
                                                                                 Double CD compilation                                                  Released October 2014