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Read the Song by Song Blog of the new Five Year Plan CD here;


A mere 27 years after the release of their first single in 1985, the entire recorded output of the band is now finally available on CD for the first time. "Peacetime Broadcast" features 23 tracks:

Nothing Will Go Wrong (12" single)

Brand New Car (12" single)

Give Me A Lifetime (12" single)

Hit the Bottle (7" single)

Swallow Your Pride (7" single)   

Tall Trees (unreleased single)

See You In Heaven (unreleased mix of song on the Airspace! compilation)

Battered Old Ford (unreleased single)

Martin Bramah (unreleased single)

Jill's Hip (Pumpin for Jill) (Airspace II compilation)

Something to Make You Laugh (12" single)

Wildcountry Lane (demo Oct 1986)

Everything I Ask For (demo Oct 1986)

Hit the Bottle (demo version Oct 1987))

Peacetime Broadcast (demo June 1987)

I Want You (demo June 1987)

My Heart Is A Train (demo June 1987)

All About Christ (demo June 1987)

Useless (demo June 1987)

In Camera (live at the Thekla, Oct 1985)

Wiser Older, But Wiser (live at the Thekla, Oct 1985)

A Religion With Me (live at the Thekla, Oct 1985)

Six Foot Under (live at the Thekla, Oct 1985)

The CD will officially be released on 14th February 2014, but you can order it now from the Five Year Plan bandcamp site and get extra free live tracks thrown in!

UPDATED NEWS: Sorry but the first pressing with the bonus live tracks has now sold out completely. A second pressing is available which features all 19 recorded songs, plus you can now buy a CD-R of the band's live 1985 show at the Thekla!

The Five Year Plan - Biography

The Five Year Plan were formed in 1984 by Tim Rippington, Rob Pursey, David Squire, Phil Cox and Andrea Moffatt. Katy West later became singer after she auditioned for the band by singing a version of the Velvet Underground's "Femme Fatale". The band played and recorded between 1985-1988 including gigs with the Housemartins, the Nightingales and the Jazz Butcher. They released two singles and a cassette EP on Breaking Down, as well as contributing a couple of tracks to the Airspace Compilations. Recordings were done at the legendary SAM studios and at E-plus where they met and befriended the Groove Farm with whom they played a few shows including one in London at the Camden Black Horse. Underappreciated and under the radar for the most part, the band eventually succumbed in 1988 and Rob went on to play in Heavenly with Amelia Fletcher, while Tim joined the Flatmates for a brief (if not uneventful) year before setting up his own studio and joining the Beatnik Filmstars (see links). Rob now plays in Tender Trap and Tim plays with the Short Stories. Andrea and Phil are also still playing, while David is a school teacher in Washington DC and Katy is a part time Barber at Kiri's Barber Shop & a practitioner in Kinetic Chain Release.

A new Five Year Plan compilation, gathering together all of the bands studio recordings and some live songs recorded in October 1985, is released in February 2014.

Five Year Plan Discography

Nothing Will Go Wrong

4-track 12" single

The E-plus session

3-track cassette

Hit the Bottle c/w Swallow Your Pride

2-track 7" sngle

See You In Heaven - Break LP1

Track on "Airspace" compilation LP 

Martin Bramah/Tall Trees/See You in Heaven/ Break LP2

Hit the Bottle/Battered Old Ford/Swallow Unreleased Mini-LP

Your Pride/Pumpin' for Jill

Pumpin for Jill (with Choo Choo Train) - Break LP3

Track on "Airspace 2" compilation LP Releaed 1990

- Break 1

Released 1986

- Break 2

Released 1986

- Break 3

Released 1987

- Break LP1

Released 1988

- Break LP2

Unreleased Mini-LP

- Break LP3

Releaed 1990

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