Post-cool or too old to care?  Meet The Lovely Basement. In their own words: "The idea was to mix alt-country with the Velvet Underground; we failed but rather like the result. Perhaps you will too."

The Lovely Basement are Kevin Bache (ex-The Raw Herbs), Paul Waterworth (ex-The Moon Flowers), Steve Dew (ex-Spaceways) and Katie Scaife (ex-not-being-in-a-band-you’ll-have-heard-of).  Arriving from far and wide in Bristol, distilled in rehearsals and long meandering conversations, they now present their musical offerings for your enjoyment. 

The aptly named The Lovely Basement EP#1 is released on 9th April 2018.  Slow, driving and dreamy by turns, songs anchored in the tried-and-true combo of two guitars, bass, drums and fine harmonies to float their passing thoughts on class, death, evolutionary biology and knowing when to stop.

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