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Short Stories for Long Nights
Cover Star -  2008
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Short Stories - Biography

Short Stories were formed in 2007 in Bristol, England by Tim Rippington and Stephen Miles.  Tim and Stephen were at school together, a year apart but sharing the same musical values that made them firm friends.  After school, the two went their separate ways – Tim spent the next twenty years playing in various indie bands such as the Flatmates, the Five Year Plan and later the Beatnik Filmstars. He also ran his own recording studio for five years, and produced records for, amongst others, the now legendary indie label Sarah Records. In 2003 Tim formed a new band Forest Giants, who made four great LPs before folding in 2007.  
In the meantime, Steve became a school teacher, dabbling only briefly in music with a spell as drummer for Bristol indie band Modesty Blaise, but for the most part he spent the intervening years archiving old Velvet Underground recordings and making up songs on his nylon-stringed acoustic guitar, believing that nothing more would ever come of it.
In 2007 the two met for the first time in 20 years, and discovered that they still had much in common. Both had been through relationships which had led to children and then divorce. Both were now living alone and wondering what was to come next. Steve agreed to play some drums on some new songs which Tim had written, but it soon became obvious that this was a real musical partnership. Steve rapidly blossomed into a guitarist and song-writer, and within a few months the two had recorded their first LP, the somewhat 1979-sounding “Short Stories for Long Nights”. The two played all the instruments and recorded the whole LP in a rehearsal room and in Tim’s house.
The LP was followed soon after with the band’s first gig in support of the legendary Vic Goddard and the Subway Sect, one of Steve’s all-time heroes. Buoyed by this, Steve sent the LP off to some of the other musical legends who had inspired him in his youth, and discovered new friends and supporters in Martin Bramah (the Fall, Blue Orchids), Stephen Fellowes (Comsat Angels) and the Bitter Springs.
2008 saw the pair very busy just trying to survive in the world, but they did manage to find time to record a second LP, “The Night is on Fire”, which was released on the International Lo-Fi Underground label on Valentines Day 2009.  The LP featured seven songs including the epic 12 minute long Losers’ Club, a homage to the many years Steve has spent visiting the Bridgwater Labour Club in search of solace and a drink..
In 2009 the band produced the aptly titled “Small Mercies” (Tim is a mere 5’6” tall, and Steve has always wanted him to call his band this), a somewhat cryptic album containing several of Steve's poems put to music, as well as an eclectic mix of acoustic songs and a few full band recordings.

Fed up with being unable to reproduce their music live, Tim and Stephen trawled through a whole host of musicians before eventually recruiting the line up of bass player Geoff Gorton, drummer Simon Harrison and keyboardist Kay Farnell who helped the two songwriters record their latest LP, the beautiful "Send My Love to Everyone", which was released in May 2013. The album has taken a long time from concept to fruition, but it's been well worth the wait.
The Short Stories Discography

Short Stories for Long Nights                                        WOOF 7 (TILU)    BUY!
11 Track CD                                                                   Released 2008

Play Your Cards Right                                                  BPC0001 (Big Bink Cake) BUY!
Track on "Piece of Cake" Compilation CD                         Released Jan 2008

The Night Is On Fire                                                     WOOF 9               BUY!
7 Track CD                                                                    Released 14 Feb 2009

Small Mercies                                                              WOOF 11              BUY!
15 Track CD                                                                  Released March 2010

Angry Young Man                                                        Break 006              BUY!
4-track CD single                                                           Released April 23rd 2013

                                                                                 Send My Love to Everyone                                        
Break 007               BUY!
                                                                                 10-track CD album                                                        Released 31st May 2013

                                                                                 Are You Listening Now?                                             Break 008               BUY!
                                                                                 4-track CD single                                                          Released 19th August 2013